The Family Name


The surname “Boyles” has its roots in both Scottish and Irish origins. In Scottish, it is a variant of “Boyle” with a post-medieval excrescent -s1. Similarly, in Irish, it’s a variant of “Boyle” with a post-medieval excrescent -s1. The Irish surname Boyles comes from the Irish Gaelic Ó Baoighill, possibly derived from the earlier Irish word “baigell,” which meant “having profitable pledges”2.
In the context of African American families, it’s important to note that during the period of slavery and Emancipation in the United States, many African Americans were given or adopted the surnames of their owners or other prevalent names in the society3. Therefore, the presence of the surname “Boyles” in African American families could be a result of this historical practice.
For instance, there’s a record of an African American individual named Fletcher James Boyles, born in October 18744. He lived in District 1, Queen Anne’s, Maryland, United States for about 50 years4. This is just one example and the surname “Boyles” could be found in many African American families across the United States.

Calvin Boyles Sr. (Entrepreneur, Barbershop Owner, Airforce Pilot, Grandfather)

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